“Composition, Photo, Color, Shape, Dimension, Creation.
Wonderful words, when combined correctly,
The results are unique. “

Our goal is to help you realize your dream, motivated to by imprinting it on our lens.


“Honesty, trust and respect are the words which we believe create an ideal cooperation between a couple and ourselves, since through our work we wish to highlight exactly what we are asked to imprint. That’s because, a photo is a labour of love.

            We are by your side, ready to capture with new ideas all the wonderful moments of your life, creating the most beautiful photographic stories. “


The moments of our lives, our emotions, our smiles, our joys and our stories are valuable and they are unique. Through this uniqueness STUDIO KELAIDIS creates “magical” indelible images.


For us, the filming of a wedding ceremony and baptism is above all an expression of artistic inspiration and a journey of emotions; human, magical moments, unique memories which are engraved in your hearts forever.

Graphic Design

In recent years, trends have shown yet another facet of photography, a more artistic one. Graphic design in conjunction with photography can synthesise and create a unique result! Let us design your own dream!


“We share our common passion for the art of static and moving images. We love our job and we want it to evolve, surpassing the expectations of our clients. We always aim for perfection for you, but also for ourselves WE DESIRE AND EXPECT only the best. Our creative team records with special sensitivity and in a poetic tone the most important moments of your life. Our professionalism, consistency and passion are revealed through our photographs and film footage. For us, photography, video and design are not just a profession but a way of life and expression. “

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